When selling a home, many challenges can arise along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a real estate agent that you can rely on and trust to work in your best interests?
At the Eximus Real Estate Team, we do just that. We are experienced in all kinds of markets, and will provide you with stability, value, and results. We go out of our way to keep you informed throughout the sale of your home. And, most importantly, we will be honest with you so that you can make educated decisions.


Well known and well respected, we are a group of dedicated professionals with solid expertise and in-depth knowledge in all areas of real estate, from market analysis to negotiations. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure your transaction goes smoothly, negotiating the best possible deal.

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Canada Day & The White Hot Market

We loaded 10,000 pieces of candy into The Beast to hand out at the 2016 Abbotsford Canada Day Parade   Summer has officially arrived! Yet the weather in the Lower Mainland has remained cool, unlike the real estate market, which has been white hot since January. Personally in my 24 years as an agent I have never experienced the intensity of the market such as it’s been … [Read More...]


Hunger Games – Ravished, Famished, and Starving in Real Estate

It had been a long day and it was only 5:55 PM. I was up early that day packing my weekend bag, fueling up the car, and checking the oil and tire pressure in preparation for a road trip that would take most travelers 12-14 hours to cover 982 kilometres; my fiancée, Jolene, and I were planning to make that same trip in less than 10 hours. The journey—or road rally as we knew … [Read More...]


What is Trending In Real Estate?

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are a few of the many platforms that curate the best of what is trending online. As I write this, the death of music legend, Prince, and his huge hit, “Purple Rain,” are trending around the world. Tomorrow, the trending could change to Donald Trump’s latest US election campaign exhibition, or a catastrophic world event. Here in BC, real estate is … [Read More...]

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