Insane Greatness: Investing in Real Estate

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There is no single path to insane greatness. I was reminded of this as I watched the NHL All Stars Skills Competition this past weekend. Every player—a gifted, athletic, artistic genius; but in many cases, they pursued very different routines to make it to the top of their game. Success is more a deliberate practice of what works rather than an opportune lucky streak. The path to greatness is paved with many tiny consistent rituals.

Nikola Tesla was not a fast skating NHL player; however, he was incredibly driven and an intelligent man that was world-changer. He was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist. Tesla worked with Thomas Edison to power up New York City in the late 1800s and was a major contributor to our modern day electrical supply. What fascinates me about Tesla was how he able to piece his ideas and inventions together in his mind before even constructing any of them. Like the NHL all stars, Tesla was also a man of rituals, routines, and habits.

Below are some quotes and excerpts from Tesla’s biography that might inspire you to create your own rituals, routines, and habits. After all, we all aspire to be remarkable at what we do.

“It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.”

In his autobiography, Tesla described how he worked:

“My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever, the results are the same. In this way, I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything.

When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years, there has not been a single exception.

Why should it be otherwise? Engineering, electrical and mechanical, is positive in results. There is scarcely a subject that cannot be mathematically treated and the effects calculated or the results determined beforehand from the available theoretical and practical data. The carrying out into practice of a crude idea as is being generally done is, I hold, nothing but a waste of energy, money and time.”

He further talked about his brain training exercises as a child:

“Although I must trace to my mother’s influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training she gave me must have been helpful. It comprised all sorts of exercises — as, guessing one another’s thoughts, discovering the defects of some form or expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason and especially to develop the critical sense, and were undoubtedly very beneficial.”

Tesla’s story is inspiring, much like the story of hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky. NHL rookie, Connor McDavid, is still writing his inspirational story, along with many other NHL all stars; they are still working through their rituals, routines, and habits. As a real estate investor, you need to create your own rituals, routines and habits. Much like these NHL all stars, the end goal is to be remarkable at what we do.

What are you doing to become a gifted, artistic, genius in real estate investing? Do you know your path to insane greatness? What rituals, routines, and habits are you formulating for your greatness as a real estate investor? One of the rituals, routines, and habits that will definitely help you with your path of greatness is studying the market. We at Eximus produce the monthly stats package in hopes that it will help you to achieve greatness as a real estate investor.

The Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver real estate market kicked of the New Year like it had partied too hard over the previous year, and it had. With record sales volume and price increases it was no wonder that January 2017 started off with a real estate hangover. However, as the month of January progressed, the market began to gain some strength. Most notable change was in the single family market. However, the January STR numbers do not validate the new strength. This is because the change happened in the last week or so of January, so the new found strength will be realized in the February numbers. And I believe the majority of single family markets in the Fraser Valley will be in a balanced to sellers’ market by the end February. Meanwhile the Condos’ and townhomes’ remained steady and strong throughout the region. With low inventory levels and a steady stream of buyers most market areas were enjoying a sellers’ market.

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STR (Sell Through Rate) Formula = Sales ÷ Active Listings + Failed Listings + Sales

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