Preparing Your Home

preparingTrying to get the best price for your home? A first impression often times will stay with you. This is why you want to make sure that even the little things in your home have been given attention. Most buyers look for homes that are well cared for and bright. A small investment in time and money (preparing) will give your home an advantage over other listings in the area.

Want to make a good impression without spending any money? Here are a few easy steps you can do when preparing your home:

  • Be out of the house for showings, if possible.  Children, pets, and adults can keep buyers from feeling at ease while they look through a home.
  • Tell us which rooms benefit from sunshine or cooling breezes.
  • Tell us what you like about the house, the yard, and the location.
  • Turn on all lights and any gas fireplaces for the entire showing.
  • Open drapes in the daytime and close them at night. Open windows in warmer weather.
  • Make sure your home is fresh and clean for showings. Strong cooking or smoking odors can ruin a sale.

Checklist for Faster Sales 

  • Lawns and yard: remove clutter and litter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens, and rake leaves.
  • Front of house: the front door is very important; paint, fix, or wash the front door as well as the railings, steps, and screens. Polish all hardware. Make it generally tidy.
  • Other exterior: wash side and back doors, gutters, and windows. Repair fences.
  • Garage: empty it out as much as possible.
  • Plumbing: repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets.
  • Heating/cooling: clean visible parts of the systems and replace furnace filter.
  • Halls and stairs: remove any clutter to give wide appearance.
  • Hardware: oil hinges, tighten door knobs and faucets.
  • General condition: dust, wash, paint, fix defects, and replace burnt-out light bulbs.
  • Spaciousness: Consider the overall feeling of spaciousness; store unneeded items to “enlarge” room sizes and clear off counters and stove.
  • Kitchen: stove, fridge, and sink should be spotless and all work areas clear.
  • Bathrooms: neat, spotless, and fresh. Repair and calk around tub, if necessary.
  • Closets: untidy and overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space; store any items not in immediate use.