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Tell me when and where you want to meet and I’m game!

As someone who has moved over 14 times in the past 29 years, I know all the pain and pleasure of searching for a new place while finding someone to take over the current one.

Growing up in a business-oriented family, we have always rented out the spared rooms in our house and have lived with over a hundred students and young professionals from all over the world. We have always treated our tenants like family and have helped them with moving and advancing to the next chapter of their lives.

Because of this, I love meeting new people and learning about their stories and experiences! It is always exciting when people talk to me about their future plans and I have a lot of fun problem solving with them and helping people overcome their dilemma.

For me, life is like a strategy game. We gather all the best resources and conquer each objective while enjoying every step along the way.

Tom Wang

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