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Beat The Allergies, Buy A Home!

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | June 19, 2015

Don`t Let Allergies Stop You From House Shopping!

Beat Your Allergies!



If you`re like me, you`re built like a superhero and never get sick, injured or ill. But we can`t all be this lucky of course and over 25% of Canadians suffer from hay fever and allergies. It starts with a runny nose, then the eyes start to itch. The tickle in your throat grows worse and worse until you sound like Kathleen Turner and Clint Eastwood rolled together. Allergies will hit you the worst at the best time of the year, when the sun starts playing a more predominant role in our days and the temperature finally gets warm enough to shed at least one layer of clothing. This is also the best time to get out and start searching for your dream home! The grass is greener (and shorter), and flowers in the gardens are blooming and current owners feel more motivated to begin updates on their homes. Seeing a home struck by the sunlight will leave a longer lasting impression of the home itself, as opposed to running from the curb to the front door in avoidance of the rain, and missing the curb appeal of your potential new home. Fear not friends! We`ve found some tips to help you beat those pesky allergies and get out to showings so you can find your new home today!

Start Your Meds Early! Knowing when spring kicks into gear in your neighbourhood can be the biggest head start on beating those allergies before the nagging tickle becomes a burning inferno! In Abbotsford, the Fraser Valley heat starts to get consistent towards the end of May. It`s usually in early May that you`ll start to see the green leaves come back to trees and the cherry blossoms in the surrounding areas start to bloom. In Mission the cottonwood grow so thick and populated that by the start of June, the whole city gets covered in their white leaves making it look like snow in summer!

Go Au Naturel! In Canada, it`s all about going green and natural. Try some less aggressive, natural remedies for your allergies. Honey and lemon in hot water will help to relieve your burning throat, and some say local honey made from bees in your area alone can relieve allergies. A plant extract called `butterbur` (not to be confused with the Hogsmeade`s Butterbeer) is making waves as one of the most effective natural supplements for allergies, producing results strong enough to rival over the counter medication! Some people even swear by acupuncture!

50 Shades Of Eye Protection! Eyeglasses, goggles and sunglasses can help keep pollen away from your eyes. Transition sunglasses would be the best bet for anyone who regularly wears glasses. Try to find a frame that fits the contours of your face and maximizes the protection of your eyes. Not only will you be the coolest kid on the block, but you`ll be helping to reduce the puffiness, redness and swelling that spring wreaks on your eyes.

Keep It Clean! This goes without saying, but shower every day! Shower twice a day if it helps! The shower will wash off any pollen or allergens that may be clinging to your hair and skin just from simple exposure to the outside world. If you do only shower once, try and shower before you go to bed to give your body a full night of good rest to help build up the antibodies that fight those allergens in the first place!

Don`t let something as painfully annoying as allergies stop you from getting out and finding your dream home. If you have some more allergy remedies, we`d love to hear from you! Are you looking to buy a new home? Contact us today and start working with the real estate team that is the experience YOU want.

You can view all of the available Abbotsford real estate on our brand new search and contact us today to set up showings and find out how we can help you find the perfect new place for you and your family!

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