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Blog, Christmas | December 6, 2018


DOUBLE Your Donation:

In the spirit of the Christmas season I would like to give back to our community with our annual DOUBLE YOUR DONATION with Eximus . During this time of gift giving we rarely have the opportunity to give the gift that could change a life. I would like to invite you to be a part of something BIG!

I would like to invite you to make a charitable contribution to your favourite cause! I would then like to match that donation (up to $100)!  We are limiting our matched donations to a total of $5,000, so the donation matches are unfortunately on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify for your matched donation the charity must be a non-profit charitable organization. To apply please send an email to (reception@eximus.com) by December 25th with the following information:

The name of the charitable organization and their contact info

Your name and the amount of your contribution

Copy of your charitable contribution receipt. This offer cannot be applied to past contributions you have already made prior to receiving this email

A statement from you indicating that Eximus is permitted to publish your name, the amount and recipient of your contribution.

Once I match your contribution I will notify you by email! We will also be publishing the names of the people that responded and received matching contributions on our social media sites.

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas season!

Randy Dyck
Personal Real Estate Corporation
604-807-4366 or randy@eximus.com