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Why own an energy-efficient home?

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | July 30, 2014


Simply put, an energy-efficient home saves energy and lowers utility bills while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Improving your home’s function saves you money, and improves the quality of our planet for generations to come. (Win-win, if you ask me.)

Our new Cedar Landing townhomes include a variety of energy-efficient features, like R40 insulated ceilings, R20 exterior wall insulation, and a 40-gallon electric hot water tank. Proper insulation and Energy Star ® appliances are only a couple of qualities that help create a more energy-efficient home. Other strategies, like switching your light bulbs and planting trees to create natural shade, are helpful, too.

Interested in having a more energy-efficient home without having to do all the work to update your current home? Our Cedar Landing development has a variety of features that make it more energy-efficient, and the price is affordable, too. Two and three bedroom townhomes start at $274,700!

Visit the Cedar Landing show home on Tuesday  – Friday between 3pm and 6pm, or Saturday and Sunday, between 1 pm until 4 pm. For more information, call Randy Dyck at 604.850.5040 or Ben Oryall at 604.615.6236, or visit our Cedar Landing website.


And, if you’re interested in learning more about energy-efficient homes on Natural Resources Canada’s website.