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Investor package by Randy Dyck!

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | February 13, 2015

Have you signed up for our monthly market update and investor package done by Randy Dyck yet?

Market Update by Randy Dyck

Every month, you may have noticed Randy Dyck has monthly market updates on our blog (read January’s update now) but this package takes it up a notch!

If you’re thinking about investing in the Abbotsford real estate market – or anywhere within the Fraser Valley, for that matter – you’ll want to make sure it arrives in your inbox. You’ve got two worthwhile reasons to sign up for it today:

  1. Educating yourself about the current state of the real estate market is a wise choice. Being familiar with terms and trends means you’ll be able to discern between what’s a wise real estate investment and which one is worth leaving behind.

You’ll know when it’s the best time to buy or sell, and you’ll be able to prepare yourself ahead of time to get your property on the market (or when to snag one you’ve got your eye on.) You can gauge fair prices and negotiate better, and you won’t need to be entirely dependent on your realtor to help you figure those things out!

  1. Having everything sent to your inbox makes it easy! Rather than hunting through newspapers or going through countless Google searches, you can have top-notch, high quality real estate information delivered directly to you.

Randy Dyck has decades worth of real estate experience and access to leading edge technology which means you’ll be well equipped with the best data available on the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley real estate markets.  And you don’t have to do anything except sign up!

Buying or selling real estate requires insight, expertise, and experience. You can gain it all by signing up for our monthly market updates and investor packages. Offering this service to you is our way of making sure your real estate dreams become a reality!

Subscribe to our monthly update by filling out the contact form on our website. We’ll get back to you with more details and to confirm your subscription!

Interested in reading more monthly market updates by Randy Dyck? Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming monthly market updates or take a look at what he wrote for January 2015 and December 2014.