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Blog, Market Updates | November 1, 2022

Beliefs, Philosophy, “I Am,” and the Shifting Market

If you do not like where you live, move! That sounds simple, but many people do not take responsibility for themselves; therefore, they do not move, or they do not change their surroundings. In the end, these people essentially end up with what they can tolerate. Moreover, tolerating leads to complaining and blaming others. By not taking responsibility, society believes that external factors hold us back, yet it is really all within ourselves. Simply put, we own everything we receive, good or bad.

Are you a seller, buyer, or investor in today’s shifting real estate market? If you do not like where you live, moving could mean many different things, both literally and figuratively. This is a classic Jim Rohn concept. Rohn was an amazing motivational speaker and author that specialized in helping others with their personal growth. Rohn shared that our reality is shaped by our belief system. Do you want to make a move? What is your belief system telling you in this shifting market? Is your belief system telling you that: a) it is not a good market to buy in, b) the market is so soft that you cannot sell your home, or, c) there are no good buys as an investor.

Can you control the real estate market as a seller, a buyer, or an investor? I believe you can. I believe that your reality is shaped by your own personal belief system; therefore, we can individually control aspects of the real estate market. We can influence others with our belief in the market, and in return, others reflect a version of our reality in the market, or more importantly, in life.

By now you are probably thinking that I am way out there… Hang in there and I will explain. Throughout my 30 years as a person working in the real estate world, I have met, served, helped, and been part of millions of conversations, as well as more than 7,000 property sales. In these years, one thing I have seen to be true over and over again is the following: the sun shines brilliantly on some people, while other have clouds hanging over them, and the balance of individuals live with periods of sun and cloud. Sounds like a typical West Coast forecast!

We have been in a shifting market—or a market cycle—over the last eight months. Interest rates continue to climb, while sale prices and volume of sales continue to drop. It appears as though we are in a slumping market, which means doom and gloom—or the November West Coast monsoon weather—is here for a while. Well, I have been through a few of these cycles since being licensed back in 1992, and the same can be said about the people I have worked with through the other cycles. For some of my clients, the sun continued to shine, while for others, the clouds came in thicker and lower than ever, and others muddled through patches of sun and cloud.

My point is this: the sun is still shining for the people that believe the sun is shining. These sellers, buyers, investors, and realtors that see the best in the market will not only see the opportunities, they will also be rewarded in the market with opportunities others do not see. I encourage you to write down statements that externalize what you are expecting from the real estate market, or better yet, in life.

What are the “I am” statements and action statements that you use? “I am” statements like these are so powerful when selling or buying: I am moving to White Rock, I am moving to Kelowna, I am moving into a single-family home, my home will sell this week, the perfect home will come to market this week, or, a great investment property will land in my lap.  These statements, beliefs, and philosophies ultimately reinforce our “I am” statement in a way, which then reinforces it in our subconscious. Our beliefs are so critical to our version of reality, and if you are not living in a reality that you want to live in, then simply change your belief statements.

If you do not like where you live, move! It is that simple. Take responsibility by changing your surroundings and reality with your beliefs, philosophy, and “I am” statements in this sun-filled shifting market.

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