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Tackling the Discovery Trail

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | July 29, 2014


Discovery Trail is a paved 30+ kilometre, three mile wide, all-season path spanning Abbotsford from east to west. Towering trees, scenic ponds and lush meadows surround it at various points throughout the path.  (View the full map of the Discovery Trail here.)

Open to everyone from walkers, runners, rollerbladers, or cyclists, the Discovery Trail is a great way to explore Abbotsford and its vast natural beauty.

Adventurous types can try to tackle the full trail in an entire day. More leisurely wanderers can choose to trek through a bit here and a bit there. It makes a great path for all ages and stages of fitness.

Begun as a community-driven initiative to promote healthy, active living, Discovery Trail is divided into five sections. (See them here.) Shady trees make the path a great way to get outside during the summer.

Start off your day with a heart-pumping jaunt down part of the path, pack a picnic and stop by a park off the trail for a leisurely meal, take a stroll during a warm summer evening – the options for enjoying this central Abbotsford space are endless!

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