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Tips for hosting a memorable Thanksgiving meal

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | October 7, 2013

Tips for a Memorable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic season full of family, friend, food, and – in some homes – football. It’s a great season to reflect on the past year and look forward to what the future holds.

Hosting a holiday meal involves a lot of work! If you’re looking for fresh new ideas for your fall meal, the Food Network has a great list of Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to make your guests’ mouths water.  (The Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes and Crunch Top Apple Pie look especially tasty!)

Once you’ve settled on the perfect menu, there are a variety of creative ways to make the meal memorable for your guests. Here are a few of our favourite Thanksgiving hosting tips from some popular HGTV’s hosts:

–          Need a fresh new centerpiece idea? Designer Vern Yip arranges a variety of black and white photos of the past year’s special memories in the middle of his table. If you’re inviting guest to your dinner, it might be nice to include memories that they were a part of, or encourage them to bring their own photos to contribute to the collection.

–          Looking for ways to involve your kids? Get them to help you decorate! Emily Henderson recommends that you have your kids collect leaves and tape them to construction paper. Laminate them and use them as place mats for each of your guests.

–          Did last year’s leftovers end up getting thrown out instead of eaten? Bloggers Jessica Jackson and Monica Mangin say that you should buy kraft paper takeout boxes and invite your guests to take food home with them in their cute new containers.

–          Looking for a way to have everyone reflect on the blessings in their lives? Sherry and John Petersik, bloggers at Young House Love, write down what they’re thankful for on small pieces of paper, collect them in a clear glass jar and spend time reading each one. It’s an activity that you could do as a family, or you could ask your guests to write down one or two things they’re thankful for as they walk in your door. With everyone’s permission, you could share the things everyone is thankful for at a special point during your time together.

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