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Working in a Coal Mine

Market Updates | May 2, 2019

Five o’clock in the mornin’
I’m up before the sun
When my work day is over
I’m too tired for havin’ fun

Well I been workin’ in a coal mine
Goin’ down down
Workin’ in a coal mine
Whew about to slip down

The lyrics to Lee Dorsey’s song, “Working in a Coal Mine,” describe what many working Canadians experience on a daily basis. Each of us has our own “coal mine” that we are working in. My “coal mine” is helping people from all areas of life buy or sell real estate. While I am sure that a good majority of us can relate to Dorsey’s lyrics, there are two lines that do not resonate with me: “Goin’ down down,” and, “Whew about to slip.” Why you might ask? The answer: I can hardly wait to get my day going as I love what I do!

Last month, I wrote an article about retirement. Afterward, I had several people reach out to me asking if I had retirement on the brain. Truth be told, retirement is the farthest thing from what I desire. Yes, there are days that imagining what the retirement life could be like make retirement sound somewhat tempting, but for the most part, I am happy and content with what I do on a daily basis and having work as one of my habits.

Habits are good for you and work is a habit that is good for you. Truthfully, I will never retire. How can I be so sure of myself? I have many clients that are well into their 70s, and even a few in their 80s, that are still very active in the business of real estate. They love what they do, and in short, it does not feel or look like a job to them. Curiously, I have asked them, “Why do you keep so busy at your age?” Their response is that they love to dream, build, and give back to others. Wow, that is motivating! Therefore, health permitting, I will continue to work in some capacity to keep myself engaged and my mind busy, just like my retired-age clients who have not yet retired.

Tyler Cowen, the writer of the article “Why capitalism is good for your health,” describes a shift in work and how work can be very beneficial. Cowen says that earning and spending money is fun. He also says that jobs have shifted towards being more rewarding, social, and safer than before. I think we can agree that unstructured time for 20 somethings might not be the best idea, so why would it be for 70 somethings? Work has the potential to make a lot of things better and more enjoyable; your golf game, dinner with friends, time off, and your vacations. Need a bit more convincing? Check out the attached excerpt from Cowen’s book down below.

Maybe you are reaching that “retirement” age like my clients that are in their 70s or 80s, and want to be healthier, dream, build, or give back to others. Or maybe you are not at that retirement age yet, but the allure of being healthier, dreaming, building, and giving back to others has captured your attention. If so, come join us on our next eXimus bus tour to learn more about the amazing opportunities in real estate.

The Vancouver and Fraser Valley Real estate markets are trending or acting like two distant relatives that don’t know each other and they have nothing in common to talk about.

Vancouver or north of the Fraser River the volume of sales and STR(Sell Through Rate) numbers continue to trend lower. The only bright spot for the month of April was Port Moody, where sales volume and STR numbers held their ground from last month and showed a balanced market.

Across the river in the Fraser Valley, the market was significantly better. Yes, South Surrey and White Rock continue to be in a buyers cycle. However, the balance of the Fraser Valley is in a normal or balanced market with a few areas trending into a strong balanced market. The more affordable the stronger the market, that being condos and townhomes throughout the Valley.

The market has many opportunities for the savvy investor. Call me, one of our eXimus team agents, or join us on the next invest bus tour to learn more about the opportunities in the Valley. In the meantime, stay healthy, dream big, build something, and give back.

Please reach out to our team for more information or help with all your real estate needs.

Click Below To See The Fraser Valley Stats For April:

Fraser Valley April STR Stats

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Vancouver April STR Stats


STR (Sell Through Rate) Formula = Sales ÷ Active Listings + Failed Listings + Sales


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