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Opportunity Does Not Ask the Cost

Blog, Featured Blog Posts | December 4, 2018

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. In addition, everyday opportunity patiently waits for us to selfishly take it; we can even decide if we are going to walk, run, or sprint to it. Opportunity has no limits, or does it?

What do you do when opportunity presents itself to you? Do you push it away? Do you ask how much it costs? Do you ignore it? Do you research it? Do you leap at it? Or, does opportunity ever even present itself to you?

I Googled the best opportunity in Canada. As a result, I was taken to a Macleans article highlighting the 25 best jobs in Canada. The article stated that the best opportunity or job in 2018 was a utilities manager. While this may be a great opportunity for many Canadians, I personally do not think that this is the best opportunity for me as my best opportunity just happened.

On November 7th, I made an opportunistic move from an organization that I had been with for 18 years. That organization was RE/MAX. I loved everything about RE/MAX—from the people, the brand, and most importantly, the opportunity it gave over the last 18 years ago. I guess I could say that we had a heck of a journey together; however, eventually every journey ends.

I have started a new journey or a new opportunity with eXp Realty. For the majority of you reading this, the real estate brokerage that the eXimus team and I hang our real estate licenses at and do business from really does not matter, just as long as eXimus and I continue to provide the same or better level of service to you the client.

My journey of changing real estate offices is not any different from any other opportunities that you and I face that are presented everyday. Yes, some opportunities are larger than others; however, the process is the same and how we deal with the opportunities is the same. The question is, do you push it away? Do you ask how much it costs? Do you ignore it? Do you research it? Do you leap at it? On the other hand, are you not open to opportunities? Or do opportunities even present themselves to you?

Opportunity makes something possible. Opportunity can change one’s financial circumstances. Opportunity can change one’s direction and redirect it to a life filled with abundance and prosperity. How keen is your opportunity mind? Not many people know how to open their mind to the see the opportunity.

The secret to opening up the mind for opportunity is not asking what the cost is. Opportunity does not ask the cost. As the real estate market is changing, I find that many buyers and sellers are focusing on the cost rather than the opportunity. Remember, opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Everyday opportunity in the real estate market patiently waits for us to selfishly take it. Are you going to walk, run, or sprint to it?

The opportunity in the November Fraser Valley real estate market was one of walk first. The majority of the detached market was in a Buyers’ market to balanced. The strata titled properties, townhomes and condominiums fared better with the majority in a balanced market. The exception was Cloverdale, Langley, and Maple Ridge townhomes being in a soft Sellers’ market. Affordability is driving the market and not much seems to be affordable. I would expect our market to be a walk first market for the next few months.

A walk first market can bring out some tremendous buying opportunities. It obviously takes balls to pull the trigger on a deal when the market softens, but the opportunity can be large. That being said, one must walk first, over-analyse the property, and double-triple check the numbers. If it still appears to be an excellent opportunity, it is time to run. Sounds simple, however it is challenging to fight through the negativity in a market like this and see the opportunity.

Are you ready for the property opportunity that may present itself to you? Will you push it away? Will you ask how much it costs? Will you ignore it? Will you research it? Will you leap at it? Or, will the property opportunity ever even present itself to you?

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